Facts About the Benefits of Natural Treatments for Acne

Benefits of Natural Treatments for Acne

When you use a natural acne treatment you are apt to get good results in the fight against acne; which should not endanger your skin and be easy on your pocketbook as well. When you are not happy with the results, or lack of; move on to the next remedy, there are many. Ultimately, once you have found the acne treatment that will clear up your skin, you will be armed for the next time you have an occurrence.

Benefits of Natural Treatments for Acne tea tree oilTea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) is one of the best natural treatments for acne. This powerful antimicrobial is said to be effective against all three categories of infectious organisms – bacterial, fungal, and viral. After washing your face, you can apply the tea tree oil to the affected areas. If the straight Tea Tree Oil is too strong for your skin, you can mix it with a little water and then dab it on the affected area. This is a treatment that you should try daily for a while, as it may take a little time to work. Using the Tea Tree Oil cleans up any bacteria on your skin that causes acne and keeps your skin clean and healthy. There are lots of good natural acne treatment that you can make from ingredients that are probably already in the cupboards in your kitchen.

Benefits of Natural Treatments for Acne lemon juiceLemon juice is one of these remedies; it can be placed right on your pimples. This is a natural antiseptic that you can use to clear up your acne. You can also help your acne by drinking the lemon juice, which is easily accomplished just by squeezing a few drops of it into a glass of water. Another substance that has kind of the same effect is apple cider vinegar which you can also put right on to the area that is affected. You could also choose to drink the apple cider vinegar which means that you mix a little bit of it with a glass of water and drink it that way.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the sun, or perhaps a tanning booth is the solution to your acne problems. A lot of acne sufferers have noticed that sunlight dries up their acne pimples and this leads them to believe that this is a good thing. One way to avoid more acne pimples in the future is to not expose your skin to the sunlight for extended periods of time and irritating it further. The tanning salon lamps can have the same effect as too much sun. Spend some time in the sunlight because it’s nice to do and it’s good for your health. Just don’t spend hours on end in the glaring sun as your acne will get worse. Go out and enjoy the sunshine, by all means. Just make it a habit to always apply a good sunscreen beforehand. This will prevent your skin from become irritated by the sun, which can lead to future outbreaks of acne.

Some of the essential oils have been proven to be effective and natural acne treatment. While people often think of essential oils for aromatherapy, to make a room smell nice, many of these oils contain healing properties that can be good for the skin. Oils that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can actually be really useful for this. Some of these include

  • Patchouli,
  • Lavender,
  • Sandalwood and
  • Clary sage.

You may want to do further research on essential oils and experiment with them, and you may discover one or more that are very good for your particular type of skin. It is best to work with the oils that have an aroma you like because that can help to relax you. It is important to find pure and natural essential oils because some of the cheaper ones you might be tempted to buy are made from synthetic chemicals

Many observant acne victims have reported that their acne actually worsens if they have been subjected to a stressful situation or undue anxiety.

The connection between acne and stress is clear-cut. Stress unbalances your hormones and a hormonal imbalance can lead to acne. Understandably, stress isn’t usually the direct cause of acne, but it can certainly cause an outbreak of acne to become worse. Unfortunately, acne itself can cause more stress, so this is something you should try to avoid. As unsettling as being subjected to acne can be, it is not a major illness or health issue and there are successful treatments available. So try to relax and not think so much about your skin, as letting go of stress will help you get rid of the problem faster, while obsessing about it might actually make it worse. Someone else’s acne problem may not get the same results as the natural/home remedy you use with success. Everyone’s skin problem is different; however, there are numerous natural acne treatment to try. Be patient and try a new regimen for six weeks or so to see how your acne responds. Don’t be dismayed if the natural acne treatments haven’t given you the results you desire. Some cases of acne are stronger than others and require the intervention of a dermatologist. That would be your next option.


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