How to Deal with Stress in Loneliness


The answer for how to deal with stress in loneliness can only be found by the one who is suffering from it, although support from others may help. Loneliness may be due to numbness, devoid of human activity. Indignation, uneasiness and depression follow loneliness. Pessimism is the main factor that causes it. Reasons may include loss of someone, financial problem, quarrels, health issue, failure, etc. Some people like to spend some time alone, mainly just to relax or to analyze the situations silently. Nothing is wrong in doing so, but loneliness killing oneself from inside is dangerous. An individual is unable to understand what he/she is doing. Everything starts seeming badly and things become worse when loneliness turns into depression.

Effects of Stress in Loneliness

Loneliness brings gruesome effects with it. It wrenches one emotionally, decreasing morale. A person in the state of loneliness is not able to concentrate and end doing things wrongly. Not only does it affect the mentality of a person, but also the physicality. One becomes so weak that work seems to be the heaviest load in the world. This also affects relationships. Some are kind enough to understand his/her state, but mostly try to stay away as they become fearful because of sudden changes in his/her behavior. Loneliness may seem a small problem to some, but it is one greatest reasons of rise in suicide cases. Thus it is a very serious matter and must not be taken leniently.

Methods to cope up with Stress in Loneliness

Coping up well with stress due to loneliness is the need of hour. Following the below mentioned tips with positive attitude will be helpful:

#1 Be Calm

How to Deal with Stress in Loneliness be calmDo not indulge in any activity so deeply that you start ignoring others in the process. Do not be impulsive and an introvert. Stay away from fights. Argue only when required and make sure you do not ignore the point of view of the person with whom you are conversing. Listen to him/her properly and then react positively. Whenever you are angry, control it, as reacting aggressively in anger may spoil your relations with others.

#2 Health plays a vital role in controlling loneliness.

Health plays a vital role in controlling lonelinessExercise for at least 30-45 minutes daily in a group. Involve in any sport. Eat healthy. Have fruits, eggs, milk, oats, sprouted pulses, green vegetables, dry fruits, grains, etc. Eating such stuffs will never make you feel dull. Although fast food is quite tasty, you must try to avoid it as it has low-nutritional value. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day to stay fresh and glow throughout the day. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette. Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours a day is required to work effectively the next day. Take a shower in cold water, as it will relax your body and produce a soothing effect on your mind.

#3 If you are a new joiner, do not resist in starting a conversation

do not resist in starting a conversationBe humorous and make others happy. Stay in touch with your old friends, make friends, and talk to them freely, sharing joys and sorrows. This is the finest way of putting an end to loneliness. Listening to music, watching movies, reading and discussing all these things are also very useful. Involve in extracurricular activities. Analyze and jot down the good deeds and the bad deeds done throughout the day and focus on increasing the good ones and decreasing the bad ones. When you are with your friends, do not remain silent as they may feel that you are not interested in conversing with them. Do not stay away from learning a new thing as it will make you feel better. Compete only with yourself as in the course of competing with others, you may lose some of your finest friends. Self-criticism may destroy you; stay away from it.

People who understand that their friends have suddenly turned lonely must help them to get them out of the thorns of loneliness. Care must be taken in terms of the following things:

  • Sympathize and discuss with them about their problems and show them the right path
  • Try to involve them in the activities that are conducted
  • Appreciate them for the good things that they do and make them aware of the mistakes they are committing due to loneliness in a mild way

The question ‘how to deal with stress in Loneliness’ will stop striking your mind once you attain positivity by practicing these tips. This thing will not only help you in getting rid of loneliness but also make your life peaceful and happier.



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