Five Steps To Easy Eye Care

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We might be good at generally looking after our health and our bodies during our daily health and fitness routines but we aren’t always as good at looking after our eyes. But, this is an issue we should think about — we only get one pair of eyes, after all, and, if we don’t look after them we may be more prone to suffering from discomfort and even medical problems.

Looking after your eyes doesn’t take a lot of work. All you have to do is to make sure that you follow these five easy steps to keep them healthy, bright and shining!

Easy Eye Care Steps

#1 Regular eye checks — if you need to wear glasses or contacts because you have a vision problem such as myopia or hyperopia then you probably already have an optician check you out every year or so. But, a lot of people who have OK vision don’t think that this is necessary. Most opticians, however, will recommend that you do have regular check ups here just to make sure that everything is OK. You can, for example, find that your eyesight fails as you get older but you may not notice the changes here as they can start small and build up incrementally. And, many different types of medical conditions and illnesses such as glaucoma can be detected in their early stages from a simple eye test.

#2 Get enough sleep — there are always going to be occasional times when we burn the candle at both ends and don’t get enough sleep. Most of us have probably woken up in the morning with bleary and bloodshot eyes because we are overtired or have stayed out in hot and smoke filled atmospheres. Whilst this isn’t so much an issue in itself it is not good to do this all of the time. Your eyes will simply look and feel much better if you make sure to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

#3 Think about safety — a lot of accidents to the eyes occur when we are doing something that could be hazardous even if the activity that we are doing is fairly run of the mill. So, for example, if you are using a saw to cut wood or metal when you’re doing DIY then you could well end up with a chip or splinter in your eye if you aren’t careful. It’s wise to remember to wear protective goggles if you ever think that your eye safety might be compromised.

#4 Avoid too much sun — protecting your eyes in the sun is not something that most of us think about. We might use sun screen and even wear a hat and make sure that our clothing protects our bodies but we often ignore our eyes. Bear in mind here that sunglasses don’t just make it easier for you to see in bright conditions, they can also filter out harmful rays from the sun and stop them affecting your eyes. So, buy a pair of specially designed sunglasses here.

#5 Pamper your eyes — if your eyes are feeling dry and scratchy and look a little bleary because you haven’t been taking time to get enough rest and/or sleep then take some time to pamper them a little. A lot of the bleariness that you see here may come from surrounding tissue so think about special eye treatments. This isn’t hard to do and doesn’t need to be costly. Some people, for example, swear that lying down in a darkened room for quarter of an hour with cold wet tea bags or slices of cucumber on their eyes can make the whole eye area look better. Or, as an alternative, you could look at buying eye drops to pamper your eyes a little. All of these steps may take a little initial time and effort but they are worth following. Keeping your eyes fit and healthy is a far better route to take than waiting for problems to develop further on down the line.


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